38 Spesh Net Worth 2024!

Hi Everyone! Explore38 Spesh Net Worth at SGX-Nifty. Rapper, producer. Born in Rochester, New York, United States. 38 Spesh’s net worth is estimated at 1 million dollars. His annual average income is $150 thousand 

Who is 38 Spesh

38 Spesh started rapping in the early 2000s. He was born in Rochester, New York, on December 29, 1984. In 2008, he started to play on the Sirius XM program Invasion Radio, which was hosted by DJ Green Lantern, a fellow Rochester native. In 2009, his music was highlighted in XXL Magazine.

38 Spesh Biography

Full NameJustin Harrell
38 Spesh Record T.C.F. Music Group, Daupe!, MORE
38 Spesh CategoryRichest Celebrities > Rock Stars
38 Spesh Net Worth$10 Million
38 Spesh BirthdateDecember 3, 1952 (71 years old)
38 Spesh BornUnited States of America
38 Spesh GenderMale
38 Spesh Profession38 spesh rapper,

Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer
38 Spesh NationalityUnited States of America
38 Spesh CompareDon Barnes’ Net Worth
38 Spesh Instagram38 spesh

38 Spesh Net Worth

38 Spesh Net Worth: The American rock guitarist and singer Don Barnes is worth ten million dollars. Don Barnes, who was born in the early 1950s, gained popularity after helping to form the band.38 Special featuring Donnie van Zant, another musician. The group was created in 1974 by the two musicians who grew up together in Jacksonville, a city in Florida. Throughout the 1980s, their “arena-rock” style mixed with a southern rock sound proved to be highly popular. They created hit songs like “Back Where You Belong,” “Hold on Loosely,” “Caught Up in You,” and “If I’d Been the One.” Don Barnes sang lead vocals on several of the hit songs, such as the previously stated one.

In 1987, he decided to quit the band to start a solo career. In 1989, he released his debut solo album. But before his first was released, the label he was signed to dissolved. Later, in the mid-1990s, he came back to perform with.38 Special. Since then, he has stayed with the band, which has been on multiple tours.

38 Spesh New Album

  • 38 Spesh Latex Gloves: Song by 38 Spesh and Conway the Machine
  • 38 Spesh 7 shots: Album by 38 Spesh. 7 Shots is an album by 38 Spesh, a Rochester, New York emcee and producer, released on September 7, 2022.

38 Spesh Song

Here are the solo projects:

YearProject Title
2007Out on Bail
2009In Custody
2012Time Served
2014The Art of Production
2015The Trust Tape
2015The Trust Tape 2
2016The 38 Laws of Powder
20195 Shots
2019The 38 Strategies of Raw
2019The Trust Tape 3
2019A Bullet For Every Heathen
2020Speshal Blends
20206 Shots
2020Interstate 38
202338 Spesh Gunsmoke

38 Spesh Gunsmoke

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38 Spesh Collaboration projects

YearThe NoirCollaborators
2015Cocaine CowboysBenny the Butcher
2018Stabbed & ShotBenny the Butcher
2018In the Mob We TrustJoe Blow
2018Son of G RapKool G Rap
2019Loyalty and TrustFlee Lord
2019Army of TrustTrust Army
2020JunoChe Noir
2020Martyr’s PrayerElcamino
2020Trust the ChainPlanet Asia
20201000 Words1000 Words
2020Army of Trust IITrust Army
2020Ways and MeansRasheed Chappell
2020Loyalty and Trust 2Flee Lord
2021Trust the SopranosBenny the Butcher
2023Speshal MachineryConway the Machine

In conclusion

Looking at 38 Spesh’s expected net worth in 2024 using data from the SGX-Nifty shows how success in the entertainment sector is always changing. Although financial assessments might offer valuable perspectives on an individual’s wealth, they frequently fail to capture their actual significance and influence. 38 Spesh’s journey exemplifies the spirit of business ownership, determination, and innovation that characterize modern success stories. One thing is certain as he continues to control the always-changing landscape of both music and business: his contributions are endless in terms of their impact on the industry and his fans. As we consider his net worth, let’s keep in mind that true wealth goes much beyond financial terms and includes things like artistic legacy, cultural resonance, and the relationships created by music.