Bad Bunny Net Worth – From Barrio Boy to Billboard Beast

Bad Bunny reportedly had a net worth of $88 million in 2022 and also featured among the top 10 Forbes list of the World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers of 2022.

In the past few years, Puerto Rican rapper and singer-songwriter Bad Bunny has become more well-known. He made most of his wealth from just two world trips in 2022. El Muerto, his newest project, is a superhero movie set in the world of Sony’s Spider-Man. In this article, we will be analyzing Bad Bunny’s Net worth from his various ventures. We will also provide you with a little context about his early life and his professional life.

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Bad Bunny Net Worth

According to Forbes, Bad Bunny net worth was about $88 million in 2022. He was ranked 10th on their list of the World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers of 2022. Bad Bunny was also the 2022 Artist of the Year on Apple Music.

Bad Bunny Net Worth

The performer, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, was the first Spanish-language act to headline Coachella in 2023. His album was also the first Spanish-language album to be nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

Bad Bunny is the first artist to be Spotify’s most-streamed artist for three years in a row. In 2022, he had over 18.5 billion streams, and between 2018 and 2020, the number of people listening to Reggaeton and Latin Trap music grew by 147% and 187%, respectively.

The famous rapper has a lot of lucrative marketing deals, co-owns a basketball team, opened a restaurant, and is also a WWE wrestler. A superhero is on the way. Let’s know a bit more about him starting from his early life to all his business ventures!

The Meteoric Rise

While living in Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny became famous on SoundCloud. He then signed a record deal and put out the hit song “Soy Peor.” His fame grew even more when he worked with Drake and Cardi B on songs like “I Like It” and “Mia.” Because of these hit songs, Bad Bunny became famous, and in 2018 he released his first album, “X 100pre.” After that, he worked with J Balvin to make the record “Oasis,” which had more big hits.

Bad Bunny’s First Album, Released in 2018. This album was seen as major milestone of his initial career!

The musician Bad Bunny was one of the most well-known in the world by 2020. He put on a show with Jennifer Lopez during the Super Bowl halftime show and was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Because of this success, Bad Bunny put out his second studio record in 2020, which was called “YHLQMDLG.” In the last few months of the year, he put out a compilation record and a third album called “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo.” This album was the first Spanish-language record to ever reach the top of the US Billboard 200. “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo” became very famous because of his number one single, “Dakiti.”

Early Life Of Benito alias Bad Bunny

Benito Antonio Martínez was born in Puerto Rico on March 10, 1994, in the neighborhood of Almirante Sur in the Vega Baja region. His mother played salsa, merengue, and songs for him when he was a child, which was one of his first musical experiences. Benito grew up with two younger brothers and later said that he would rather be at home with his family than out with his friends.

Bad Bunny grew up in a strict Catholic family and sang in the choir until he was thirteen years old. Although he quit the choir, singers like Daddy Yankee quickly became his inspiration. In the end, he started playing in front of his middle school peers. At this point, he chose the stage name “Bad Bunny” from an old picture of him being made to wear a bunny costume as a child and looking angry.

Career – Contributing Factors In Bad Bunny Net Worth

Bad Bunny has numerous investments in different businesses. Main highlights which contribute to his net worth are mentioned below,

Music Industry

Bad Bunny Music Career

In 2016, while working as a grocery store bagger and studying at university, Bad Bunny gained attention for his song “Diles” on SoundCloud. DJ Lucian signed him to Hear this Music, leading to collaborations with the Mambo Kingz. His unique style propelled him to success with hits like “Soy Peor” and “Krippy Kush,” making him a Latin trap sensation.

In 2017, Bad Bunny expanded his presence on television and collaborated with J Balvin, Prince Royce, and Ozuna. He entered the English-language music scene with “I Like It,” featuring Cardi B, followed by a chart-topping single “Mia” with Drake. In 2018, he left Hear This Music, signed with Rimas Entertainment, and released the critically acclaimed album “X 100pre.”

In 2019, he collaborated with J Balvin on “Oasis” and performed at Coachella. Bad Bunny continued his success in 2020 with “YHLQMDLG” and “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo,” addressing themes of isolation during the pandemic. In May 2022, he released “Un Verano Sin Ti,” topping the Billboard 200 for 13 weeks. His World’s Hottest Tour set a record, grossing $232.5 million, and he was named Artist of the Year at the Apple Music Awards 2022.

His 2022 tour, El Último Tour Del Mundo, made almost $117 million in ticket sales in North America. It was the most successful tour by a Latin act in the history of Billboard Boxscore.

His second tour, The World’s Hottest Tour, in 2022 brought in $314 million. Together, the two tours brought in $435 million. Pollstar says that Bad Bunny was the highest-grossing act in a calendar year thanks to the sales from both tours.

Acting Career

Bad Bunny Acting Career

The artist with many skills is also an actress. Variety says that he most recently starred in Bullet Train, a movie with Brad Pitt that made $231 million worldwide.

 A guest appearance on Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico was Bad Bunny’s first role as an actor, according to ET.

  Besides that, he will begin shooting for El Muerto in August. In it, he plays a wrestler who gets superpowers from a magical mask.

Basketball Team

It is also said that since 2021, he has been a co-owner of the Puerto Rican basketball team Los Cangrejeros de Santurce.


Bad Bunny and businessman David Grutman also had opened a Japanese-style steakhouse and bar in Miami in 2022.

Real Estate

Dirt says Bad Bunny bought a house in Los Angeles for $8.8 million in January 2023.  The house is more than 7,000 square feet and has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

WWE Appearance


According to Wrestling Edge, the artist is also a WWE wrestler and made about $100,000 for his single appearance. 

 WWE says that the rapper beat wrestler Damian Priest in a San Juan Street Fight in May 2023, which was his first singles win in his WWE career.

Business and Endorsements

According to Forbes, Bad Bunny also works with big names like Adidas, Cheetos, and Corona.

 Remezcla says that Bad Bunny released a pair of sneakers with Adidas in 2023. He had already done one with them in 2022. Each pair cost $150.

To Summarize It Up

In summary, Bad Bunny net worth was estimated to about $88 million in 2022, reflects a career that transcends music boundaries. From his beginnings in Puerto Rico to headlining Coachella as the first Spanish-language act, Bad Bunny’s journey has witnessed a meteoric rise. Beyond music, he made his presence in acting, co-ownership of a basketball team, and a restaurant venture, while also making waves in WWE wrestling. His business style is evident in partnerships with major brands like Adidas, Cheetos, and Corona. With ongoing ventures such as the superhero movie “El Muerto,” Bad Bunny’s influence is only diversifying.

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