Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds To Invest In 2024 – Complete Analysis

In this article, we have compiled a detailed list of the best flexi-cap mutual funds for 2024. Each of them is placed in a specific category, nature of funds scheme, AUM, expense ratio, highest absolute return, and highest CAGR 3-year return. We have also articulated a brief description of top-performing funds so that you get at least a rough idea! And in the end, you can find top performing flexi cap mutual funds of 2023.

For starters let’s understand what are flexi-cap mutual funds and how they differ from others. And also why it is also important to get an overview of previous performance before investment, however, it is not the only factor that matters there are a number of along with this.

What Are Flexi Cap Mutual Funds?

Flexi cap mutual fund grants the ability to participate in a variety of market capitalizations, including large, mid, and small-cap companies.
These type of funds offer a versatile approach to investing in the stock market. These funds give fund managers the flexibility to invest in stocks of various market sizes, adapting to changing market conditions. This diverse portfolio strategy aims to provide investors with the potential for capital appreciation over the long term.

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds

With the ability to dynamically adjust asset allocation, flexi cap funds offer a balanced and opportunistic investment approach, making them suitable for those seeking both diversification and growth in their investment portfolio. Before investing, it’s crucial to review the fund’s historical performance and understand the fund manager’s strategy to make informed decisions.

As per Sebi’s mutual fund classification, schemes that have invested a minimum of 65 percent in equities and equity-related instruments are referred to be flexi-cap funds.

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds

In this category, we have combined on the basis of AUM, NAV and minimum investment.

Flexi Cap FundsAUMNAVMinimum Investment
Kotak Flexicap Fund40,183.6166.45100.00
Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund39,848.2660.851,000.00
HDFC Flexi Cap Fund38,266.031,406.28100
UTI Flexi Cap Fund25,821.76265.685,000.00
ICICI Pru Asset Allocator Fund20,383.9299.525,000.00
SBI Flexicap Fund17,932.9492.331,000.00
Aditya Birla SL Flexi Cap Fund17,024.651,377.76100
ICICI Pru Flexicap Fund12,045.7713.145,000.00
Axis Flexi Cap Fund11,330.0520.57500
Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund11,136.951,242.145,000.00

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds Analysis

On basis of CAGR 3-year Return

The table below shows the Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds based on the Highest CAGR  3-year return.

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds on CAGR

On The Basis of Highest AUM(Assest Under Management)

The table below shows the Best Flexi Cap Fund 2024  based on the Highest AUM.

Highest AUM

On The Basis of Highest Absolute Return

The table below shows the Flexi Cap Mutual Fund based on the Highest Absolute Return.

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds HBR
Numerical values written above are in percetage.

On The Basis Of Lowest to Highest Expense Ratio

The table below shows the Top Flexi Cap Mutual Funds based on the lowest to highest Expense Ratio.

Highest Expense Ratio

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Introduction To Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds

Below we have described about some of the famous flexi cap mutual funds that we have studies above. You can go thru each of them to get an rough idea to rule out which one is to priortize!

Kotak Flexicap Fund

The Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company offers the Kotak Flexicap Fund mutual fund strategy. It invests in large, mid, and small-cap equities as a flexicap fund, giving investors flexibility to take advantage of different market opportunities.

Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund

The main mutual fund program offered by Parag Parikh Mutual Fund is the Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund. Its adaptable investment approach allows it to make investments in a variety of sectors and market capitalizations.

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund

Popular open-ended equity mutual fund HDFC Flexi Cap Fund is provided by HDFC Asset Management Company. The fund offers diversification and the possibility of higher returns by investing in stocks with a range of market capitalization.

Motilal Oswal Asset Allocation Passive FoF-Conservative

It is basically fund of funds and follows passive investment strategy which gives conservative investors a balanced portfolio.

HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio FOF

A fund of funds called HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio FOF dynamically modifies its equity exposure in response to changes in the Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratio in an effort to maximize returns based on current market valuations.

ICICI Pru Passive Multi-Asset FoF

This fund of funds provides investors with diversification across several asset classes by allocating its investments to a combination of debt, equity, and gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

JM Flexicap Fund

JM Flexicap Fund is a type of mutual fund that allows the fund management to take advantage of opportunities in a variety of market segments by investing across a range of market capitalizations. Long-term capital appreciation is the goal of the fund.

Nippon India Silver ETF FOF

An open-ended fund called the Nippon India Silver ETF Fund of Funds (FOF) makes investments in Nippon India Silver ETF units. The ETF seeks to closely monitor the performance of actual silver.


An open-ended fund called the ICICI Prudential Silver ETF Fund of Funds (FOF) makes investments in ICICI Prudential Silver ETF units. The ETF seeks to replicate actual silver performance. Investors can participate in the silver market without physically holding physical silver by using the ICICI Pru Silver ETF FOF.

Quant Flexi Cap Fund

A mutual fund with a flexible investing approach, the Quant Flexi Cap Fund enables the fund management to make investments across market capitalizations in response to current market conditions. The fund invests in a diverse range of equities with the goal of achieving capital appreciation.

Case Study: Top Performing Flexi Cap Funds In 2023

Investors typically evaluate a variety of factors before choosing to invest in a mutual fund scheme, including the scheme’s category, the fund house’s reputation, and the fund managers’ prior performance. So when it comes to the best Flexi cap mutual funds to choose for investment, historical performance is also one of the main determinants. It shows whether that fund is worth investing or not.

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds

For example, a mutual fund that is capitalizing on a bull market and yielding a high return is regarded as a wise choice for investors. On the other hand, a plan that has underperformed the return on the benchmark index is not regarded as a wise choice for investors.

Here, we focus on the top-performing flexi cap mutual fund schemes that have produced returns on investment of more than 30% throughout the previous 12 months.

Flexi cap funds                                                         1-year-returns (%)
JM Flexicap Fund                                                   42.06 
Bank of India Flexi Cap Fund                              40.64
Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund                                     37.36
Invesco India Flexi Cap Fund                      36.08
Motilal Oswal Flexi Cap Fund                                 35.33
Nippon India Flexi Cap Fund                                   34.93
DSP Flexi Cap Fund                                                  34.36
Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund                                 32.46
HDFC Flexi Cap Fund                                             32.09
HSBC Flexi Cap Fund                                             32.74
WhiteOak Capital Flexi Cap Fund                            32.64
Mahindra Manulife Flexi Cap Fund                        32.53
Edelweiss Flexi Cap Fund                                         30.82
Source AMFI;return as of 5 Jan 2024

Five schemes have produced returns of more than 35 percent over the last year, as the table above illustrates. The Bank of India Flexi Cap Fund, JM Flexicap Fund, Invesco India Flexi Cap Fund, Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund, and Motilal Oswal Flexi Cap Fund are these.

The only program with a return of 30.82 percent over the last year is Edelweiss Flexi Cap Fund, which has barely made over 30 percent.

It is crucial to stress that, despite recent excellent returns, none of these schemes can guarantee future results, which will be influenced by a number of variables like the health of the economy and the general direction of the market index.

Tips Before Investing In Flexi Cap Funds

Here are few tips taken from a excerpt of expert’s talk.(Mukesh Kochar, National Head of Wealth at AUM Capital)

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds

1) For a first-time investor, it is best to choose a balance advantage fund since they are less volatile and more stable than a flexi cap fund, which is solely focused on equities. This is because flexi cap funds have the flexibility to invest across market caps based on current market conditions.

2) Although they can move throughout the market cap, the majority of flexi cap funds are now focused on large caps.

3) In comparison to the flexibility available to this group, the exposure to mid- and small-cap stocks is restricted.

4) To select any of the categories, one must have a clear understanding of their financial objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon.


Flexi cap mutual funds stand as powerful vehicles for those seeking adaptability and growth. As we conclude our journey through the realm of these funds, it’s evident that their flexibility allows investors to navigate market shifts and capitalize on opportunities. Still a detailed and comprehensive research right before you invest is always advisable along with experts’ review before investing.

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Is Investing in Flexi Cap Mutual Funds a Good Idea?

Benefits of Flexi-Cap Funds include less exposure to market volatility and easy allocation adjustments to various market capitalizations for the fund management. Investor portfolio balance is also made easier by this. It is a favorable investment choice for tiny investors.

Is The Flexi Cap Fund a Long-Term Beneficiary?

Investors with a long investment horizon of five to seven years and a moderate to high risk tolerance should consider flexi-cap funds because of their unconstrained market segment selections.

Which Type of Fund Is Better, Midcap Or Flexi Cap?

An investor’s financial goals, investment horizon, and risk tolerance all play a role in the mutual fund choice. Multi-cap funds might be a good option for investors seeking diversification, while flexi-cap funds might be more appealing to those seeking asset allocation flexibility.