Jerome Maldonado Total Net Worth as of 2024!

Jerome Maldonado

Jerome Maldonado, an idol of real estate investing and mentor of investing in real estate,  sales all over the world.

In his career journey, he breaks down the concept of stereotypical marketing and is an inventor of the new era of real-estate marketing. Using a proven 14-step process to make $100k on every build without any experience in real-estate investment , he has a net worth of $50 million at present.

Jerome Maldonado Biography

Professional NameJerome Maldonado
Real NameJerome Maldonado
Birth YearMarch, 1974
Age 49 years (2023)
Birth PlaceMexico
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseUpdated Soon
OccupationReal estate investor, Mentor
Net Worth$50 million (2024)

Jerome Maldonado’s Net Worth

Jerome Maldonado Net Worth (Latest) 2024: A sentence that simultaneously piques people’s interest in learning and speculating. Jerome Maldonado is a source of mystery and excitement amidst the maze of modern riches narratives.

The mysterious edges of Maldonado’s financial empire are once again in the public eye as 2024 draws to a close, inviting us to learn more about the enigmas of power and wealth.

Come along on an engrossing trip as we dissect the most recent information regarding Jerome Maldonado’s net worth, removing the layers of speculation to reveal the real meaning of his fortune and legacy.

Net Worth 2024

Net Worth$50 Million
Monthly Income$230k -$270k (Aproax)
Yearly Income$2.5-$3.5 Million (Aproax)

Jerome Maldonado’s recent year’s net worth

Net Worth 2024$50 Million
Net Worth 2023$40 Million
Net Worth 2022$ 36.5 Million
Net Worth 2021$33 Million
Net Worth 2020$30 Million 
Net Worth 2019$28 Million

Jerome Maldonado Coaching Program Cost

They have two types of programs.

  1. 6 months
  2. 12 months
  • 6 month program will run you $5,997 if you decide to pay all at once or you can make a $2,300 payment every 2 months, totaling $6,900.
  • 12 month program will run you $9,997 if you decide to pay all at once or you can make a $3,000 payment every 3 months totaling $12,000.

Jerome Maldonado Strategy

Diverging from conventional real estate practices, Jerome specializes in acquiring distressed properties which he transforms into multi-family apartments for sale. Rather than renting out these properties, Jerome opts to either lease them or place them on the market. His focus lies exclusively on class A apartments, adhering to a stringent standard of quality and excellence.

At the core of Jerome’s business model is the influence of the Ray Kroc model, guiding his strategic approach towards real estate development and investment. This distinct approach sets Jerome apart in the industry, emphasizing innovation and value creation in every venture he undertakes.

14 Steps Model of Jerome

14 steps model by Jerome covers, 

  1. Areas to invest in.
  2. How to find properties and acquire lands.
  3. How to assess property.
  4. Underwriting knowledge.
  5. Pre-development checklist…
  • (i) Understanding land use. 
  • (ii) Develop a business plan.
  • (iii) Ensure zoning approval/approved use.
  • (iv) Utility approval & cost.
  • (v) Infrastructure/designs and hydrology.
  • (vi) Construction cost evaluation.
  • (vii) Construction/project management
  • (viii) Progress plan.
  1. Property valuation & Inspections.
  2. Understanding of zoning municipalities and zoning requirements.
  3. Finance option.
  4. Closing requirements.
  5. Understanding engineering architectural and survey requirements.
  6. Learning process real estate development and all proposed requirements.
  7. Facilitating infrastructure, construction process and renovations.
  8. Stabilize development.
  9. Repeat process.

Jerome’s Social Media Profiles

TwitterJerome Maldonado 
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InstagramJerome Maldonado 


Jerome Maldonado’s impressive accomplishments and unwavering dedication to excellence in the field of real estate investing are demonstrated by his net worth as of 2024. Jerome, who has a net worth of $50 million, is a prime example of the transformational power of vision, tenacity, and strategic insight. He went from modest origins to entrepreneurial success. Jerome’s impact goes well beyond his financial accomplishments as he keeps innovating and inspiring, leaving a lasting impression on the real estate industry and beyond.

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