Kajaria Ceramics and Three Other stocks Cross the 100-Day SMA

In the dynamic world of stock market trading, investors often turn to technical indicators to identify promising trends and investment opportunities. The Simple Moving Average (SMA), a widely-used tool, holds immense value for traders seeking strategic entry and exit points. When a stock’s price surpasses its 100-Day SMA, it signals a bullish sentiment, piquing the interest of investors. In this article, we delve into the exciting stories of Kajaria Ceramics and three other stocks that have recently crossed the 100-Day SMA, presenting unique and potentially SEO-friendly insights.


Kajaria Ceramics Limited (NSE: KAJARIACER)

Kajaria Ceramics stands tall as a frontrunner in the Indian ceramics and vitrified tiles industry. In the construction and real estate sector, Kajaria Ceramics has a strong legacy. Its stock’s surge above the 100-Day SMA has caught investors’ attention.

The bullish outlook for Kajaria Ceramics is driven by multiple factors. As the real estate and construction sectors witness robust growth due to increased infrastructure development and housing demands, the company’s sales and revenue continue to flourish. Its cost-effective manufacturing and distribution strategies fortify its competitive stance.

Investors are eagerly eyeing Kajaria Ceramics as a beacon of growth potential. The SMA crossover serves as an alluring green light for those considering the inclusion of this stock in their investment portfolios.

1. Infosys Limited (NSE: INFY)

Infosys Limited, a titan in the Indian IT services landscape, has recently experienced its stock price gliding gracefully above the 100-Day SMA. This development has sparked enthusiasm among investors and analysts alike.

Infosys has been an instrumental player in the global IT solutions arena, with a proven track record of financial prowess and steady growth. The company has been at the forefront of the digital transformation wave, offering technology solutions to businesses worldwide.

The SMA crossover hints at a promising future for Infosys, potentially beckoning more investors eager to explore the IT sector’s potential.

2. Kajaria Ceramics in Titan Company Limited (NSE: TITAN)

Titan Company Limited, a prominent name in the Indian consumer goods sector, has also joined the elite club by crossing the 100-Day SMA threshold, creating a buzz among investors.

Titan’s diversified product portfolio encompasses watches, jewelry, eyewear, and fragrances, catering to the evolving tastes of consumers. Despite economic challenges, the company has exhibited remarkable adaptability and resilience. With India’s burgeoning middle-class population and rising disposable incomes, Titan is well-positioned to capitalize on consumer spending.

The SMA crossover paints an optimistic picture for Titan, signaling positive investor sentiment and potential for sustained upward momentum.

3. Larsen & Toubro Limited (NSE: LT)

Larsen & Toubro (L&T), a versatile multinational conglomerate, has leaped over the 100-Day SMA hurdle, signaling potential growth prospects that have caught the attention of savvy investors.

L&T boasts a diversified presence across engineering, construction, manufacturing, and technology. Its pivotal role in sectors like defense, and technology aligns seamlessly with India’s “Make in India” and infrastructure development initiatives.

SMA crossover highlights L&T’s stock, attracting investors seeking diversification with a strong conglomerate in their portfolio.


In the dynamic stock market, tracking 100-Day SMA offers intriguing investment prospects by deciphering price movements and trends. Recent SMA crossovers in Kajaria Ceramics, Infosys, Titan Company, and Larsen & Toubro signal market optimism and growth potential.

However, remember that informed investing requires comprehensive research, consideration of fundamental factors, and consultation with financial experts. The Stock Market’s volatility underscores the importance of prudence for sustained investment success.