Struggle Jennings Net Worth in 2024!

Hey Everyone! Exploring Struggle Jennings Net Worth at SGX-Nifty. He is an American rapper from Nashville, Tennessee, named Struggle Jennings. We’re going to talk about how he did it, how he made money, and the most important things he learned along the way.

Who is Struggle Jennings

William Harness, known as Struggle Jennings, is an American rapper and songwriter. He was born on May 31, 1980, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The talented artist comes from a long line of skilled musicians. His grandfather is the rock guitarist Duane Eddy and his grandmother is the country singer Jessi Colter.

To add to that, Harness is the step-grandson of musicians Waylon Arnold Jennings and Shooter Jennings, whose name he took for his career.

His father is Curtiss Harness, and his mother is Jenni Eddy Jennings.

Struggle Jennings Net Worth

The public doesn’t know much about the rapper’s school background either. The artist is married to Tabitha Harness, and the two of them have five kids.

The rapper fell in love with music when he was very young. He began writing songs when he was only eight years old.

Struggle Jennings Net Worth

Struggle Jennings net worth is thought to be $1.18 million as of 2024. His successful music business, which includes album sales, studio albums, and live shows, brings him most of his money. Besides making songs, Jennings makes money in other ways as well, which helps his net worth keep growing.

Struggle Jennings Net Worth

Struggle Jennings Family & Other Info.

Struggle Jennings Real NameWilliam Harness
Known AsStruggle Jennings
Struggle Jennings BornMay 31, 1980, in Nashville, Tennessee
Struggle Jennings Age43 Years
Struggle Jennings Height6 feet
GenreRap, Country Rap
Struggle Jennings Net Worth$1.18 million
Career Start2013
CollaborationsYelawolf, JellyRoll, Adam Calhoun
Struggle Jennings Father Curtis Harness
Struggle Jennings MotherJennifer Eddy
Struggle Jennings WifeTabitha Harness
Struggle Jennings DaughterBrianna Harness
Struggle Jennings Instagramiamstruggle
Struggle Jennings FacebookStruggle Jennings
Struggle Jennings TwitterStruggle Jennings
Struggle Jennings YoutubeStruggle Jennings

Struggle Jennings Career

“I am Struggle,” Struggle Jennings’ first album, came out in 2013. He joined Yelawolf’s Slumerican label at the beginning. His EP “Return of the Outlaw” came out after he was cleared of drug charges in 2016. He did work on the “Waylon & Willie” records with rapper JellyRoll and released an EP with his mother called “Spiritual Warfare,” which shows how adaptable he is.

Struggle Jennings Net Worth

It was his first studio album by himself, and it came out in 2019. It had songs by well-known singers like Alexander King and Julie Roberts. It got even better after that. The “Legends” EP with Adam Calhoun and the “Troubadour of Troubled Souls” LP in 2021 were both huge hits.

Personal Life

Since April 2018, Struggle Jennings has been married to Tabitha Harness and is a father of five. His close-knit family is evident in his collaborations with his mother and daughter, showing unwavering support for his music career. With a substantial following on social media, Jennings has significantly contributed to his overall net worth.

Personal Life

Final Thoughts

Struggle Jennings, whose real name is William Harness, has made it as an artist despite a troubled past. His net worth of $1.18 million makes him stand out in the rap business, both because of how much money he has and how strongly his music affects people. His story shows how he changed as a person and how he never gave up when things got hard..


1. What is Struggle Jennings real name?

– Struggle Jennings real name is Will Harness.

2. How did Struggle Jennings get his stage name?

– Struggle Jennings adopted his stage name as a way to reflect the struggles he has faced in his life and to inspire others going through similar challenges.

3. What inspired Struggle Jennings to pursue a music career?

– Growing up in a family with a rich musical heritage, Struggle Jennings was inspired by his grandfather, Waylon Jennings, and his uncle, Shooter Jennings, to pursue a music career.

4. What genre of music does Struggle Jennings specialize in?

– Struggle Jennings specializes in a unique blend of country and hip-hop music, which sets him apart from other artists in the industry.

5. How has Struggle Jennings used his platform to raise awareness about important issues?

– Struggle Jennings has used his platform to raise awareness about addiction, mental health, and other social issues, using his own experiences to inspire others.

6. What are some of Struggle Jennings’ most popular songs?

– Some of Struggle Jennings’ most popular songs include “Black Curtains,” “Outlaw Shit,” and “Return of the Outlaw.”

7. Has Struggle Jennings won any awards for his music?

– While he has not won any major awards, Struggle Jennings has been recognized for his talent and authenticity in the music industry.

8. Does Struggle Jennings have any upcoming tour dates?

– Fans can check Struggle Jennings’ official website and social media channels for updates on upcoming tour dates and performances.

9. How can fans support Struggle Jennings’ music?

– Fans can support Struggle Jennings by streaming his music on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, attending his concerts, and following him on social media.

10. Is Struggle Jennings active on social media?

– Yes, Struggle Jennings is active on social media and regularly shares updates about his music and personal life with his fans.

11. What is Struggle Jennings net worth?

– As of 2024, Struggle Jennings net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

12. How has Struggle Jennings’ family background influenced his music career?

– Coming from a family with a rich musical heritage, Struggle Jennings’ family background has played a significant role in shaping his musical career and inspiring his artistic vision.

13. What sets Struggle Jennings apart from other artists in the music industry?

– Struggle Jennings’ unique blend of country and hip-hop music, combined with his raw and honest lyrics, sets him apart from other artists in the industry.

14. What are some of Struggle Jennings’ future projects?

– Struggle Jennings continues to work on new music and is always looking for ways to evolve as an artist, with upcoming projects that are sure to excite fans.

15. How does Struggle Jennings give back to the community?

– Struggle Jennings is involved in philanthropic efforts and uses his platform to raise awareness about issues such as addiction and mental health, supporting organizations that help individuals in need.

16. What challenges has Struggle Jennings faced in his life and career?

– Struggle Jennings has faced legal troubles, addiction, and other challenges in his life and career, but has used his experiences to inspire others and create music that resonates with audiences.

17. What can fans expect from Struggle Jennings in the future?

– Fans can expect Struggle Jennings to continue pushing boundaries with his music, staying true to his authentic style and inspiring others with his powerful lyrics and storytelling.