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Hello everyone! See SGX-Nifty’s Zakir Khan Net Worth. One of the rising talents in the stand-up comedy scene is Zakir Khan. His sense of humor, wit, and relatable stories have won over millions of fans. Not only has his years of labor made him a wealthy man, but it has also produced a lasting impression on people. We will examine Zakir Khan’s yearly salary, net worth, and other personal details in this post.

Who is Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is an entertainer from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, who does a lot of different things. He is a stand-up comedian, host, writer, poet, and actor, among other things. Zakir’s most recent project is the Amazon Prime web series Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare. He wrote the script and played the lead part in it. He also has two-hour stand-up shows on Amazon Prime Video. They are called Haq Se Single and Kaksha Gyaravi.

Zakir Khan Net Worth

Zakir Khan’s journey is a story of passion, perseverance, and comedy that has captured hearts worldwide. His story, from poor beginnings to worldwide fame, is an inspiration to fans and people who want to become comedians.

Zakir Khan’s net worth is estimated at around $3 million. He is rich from many things, such as his successful stand-up comedy job, his roles in movies and web series, and the brands that he works with. Khan became famous by making funny and realistic comments about everyday life, which struck a chord with people in India and around the world. Because he is talented and works hard, he has a large fan base and is one of the most important people in the entertainment business. With his friendly, down-to-earth personality and clever sense of humor, Zakir Khan continues to thrill and inspire millions of fans around the world while also making a lot of money.

Zakir Khan net worth

NameZakir Khan
Net Worth of Zakir Khan$3 million
Monthly IncomeRs. 20 lakhs
Yearly IncomeRs. 3 crores
WealthRs. 25 crores
Miscellaneous Assets and their ValuationRs. 1.4 crores

Zakir Khan Family & Other Personal Info.

NameZakir Khan
Zakir Khan’s Birth DateAugust 20, 1987; 36 years
Zakir Khan Age36 Years
BirthplaceIndore, Madhya Pradesh
Zakir Khan Net Worth$3 million
Zakir Khan Height in feet5 feet 7 Inch
Zakir Khan GrandfatherUstad Moinuddin Khan
Zakir Khan FatherIsmail Khan
Zakir Khan WifeUnmarried
Zakir Khan BrotherZeeshan Khan, Arbaz Khan
Zakir Khan MotherKulsum Khan
Zakir Khan IncomeRs. 20 lakhs
Zakir Khan Instagramzakirkhan_208
Zakir Khan YoutubeZakir Khan
Zakir Khan FacebookZakir Khan
Zakir Khan TwitterRonny bhaiya
Zakir Khan GirlfriendNot Known
ResidenceComicstaan (Web Series)When I Met a Delhi Girl | Zakir Khan (YouTube video)
Zakir Khan EducationSt. Paul Higher Secondary School, Indore
Debut VideosBest Stand-Up Comedian, Comedy Central, 2012Most Popular Stand-Up Comedian, IWM Digital Awards, 2019Most Popular Comedian Award, Bollywood Life Awards, 2020
Most Popular VideosBest Stand-Up Comedian, Comedy Central, 2012Most Popular Stand-Up Comedian, IWM Digital Awards, 2019Most Popular Comedian Award, Bollywood Life Awards, 2020
Best Stand-Up Comedian, Comedy Central, 2012Most Popular Stand-Up Comedian, IWM Digital Awards, 2019Most Popular Comedian Award, Bollywood Life Awards, 2020Zakir Khan’s Latest Show
AccoladesBest Stand-Up Comedian, Comedy Central, 2012Most Popular Stand-Up Comedian, IWM Digital Awards, 2019Most Popular Comedian award, Bollywood Life Awards, 2020
Zakir Khan Net Worth

Early Life & Education

Zakir Khan was born on August 20, 1987, and grew up in Indore, India. He is now 29 years old. Zakir finished secondary school at St. Paul Higher and chose not to go to college. He comes from a family of artists, and he says that his father has been there for him the whole way. Zakir also started to learn how to play the sitar and did radio programming at ARSL. After that, he moved to Delhi and lived there for most of his adult life. His father is named Ismail Khan and works as a music teacher in Indore. His mother is named Kulsum Khan and runs the household. As well, he has two brothers named Zeeshan Khan and Arbaaz Khan. Khan is the grandson of Ustad Moinuddin Khan, a famous singer who has been around for a long time.

Zakir Khan Career

Going on the comedy reality show “India’s Best Standup” in 2012 and winning made Zakir Khan want to become a stand-up comic. This gave him a chance to show off his skills and connect with more people. After winning the show, he started appearing at comedy festivals and shows, becoming known as a great performer. Over the years, Zakir Khan has gotten better at telling stories in his unique way. He often uses stories and observations from his own life to connect with his audience. People can relate to his funny lines and name, “Sakht Launda,” which means “strict man” who doesn’t easily fall for girls. He has written several comedy sketches and has played at several important events and festivals in India and around the world.

Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan has also put out many comedy shows on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Netflix, among others. His Amazon Prime Video special “Haq Se Single” was a big hit with both viewers and reviewers. He was recently in Tathastu on Amazon Prime.

Zakir Khan has become one of the most well-known stand-up comedians in India as his fame has grown. A lot of people watch him on social media, and companies and private events often ask him to perform. People all over India have praised his work in the comedy industry, and he has won many awards and honors for it.

From his humble beginnings as a stand-up comedian to becoming one of the most famous performers in India, Zakir Khan has come a long way. His unique style of humor continues to entertain and inspire people.

Zakir Khan Movies And TV Shows


2017The Great Indian Laughter ChallengeMentor
2022The Kapil Sharma ShowSelf
2023Kaun Banega CrorepatiGuest

Stand Up Specials

YearHaq Se Single
2017Haq se Single
2018Kaksha Gyarvi

Web series

2015On Air With AIBHimself
2016Journey of a Joke
2016Humorously YoursCameo
2018Chacha Vidhayak Hain HumareRonny Pathak
2019One Mic StandHimself
2022Farzi MushairaHost

Zakir Khan Poetry

Zakir Khan Shayari connects with youth. Here is a collection of some best Zakir Khan poetry that you will surely like. 


In conclusion, Zakir Khan’s rise from a small town in Indore to become one of India’s most popular comedians shows how talented, hardworking, and determined he is. People all over the world, not just in India, love him because he can tell funny stories that people can relate to.

Zakir Khan’s unique style of comedy continues to make people laugh, and his impact on the entertainment industry will last for years to come, leaving a trail of laughter and inspiration in its wake.

Zakir Khan FAQs

How old is Zakir Khan?

36 years old

When was Zakir Khan born?

August 20, 1987

Where was Zakir Khan born?


How tall is Zakir Khan?

5 feet 7 inches, or 1.70 meters

What is Zakir Khan known for?

Farzi Mushaira, Trading Station, A Promising Game, and Zakir Khan: Kaksha Gyarvi

Does Zakir Khan have siblings?

Yes, 2 siblings, including Zeeshan Khan and Arbaz Khan

Who are Zakir Khan’s parents?

Ismail Khan and Kulsum Khan

How many awards has Zakir Khan won?

2 awards

How many award nominations has Zakir Khan received?

3 nominations

Is Zakir Khan Married?

No, he is not married.